Tianjin Tiangao International Economic Development Corp.

Founded in 1993, approved by the then Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, PRC, Tianjin Tiangao International Economic Development Corp. (Tiangao) is a comprehensive foreign trading company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Nankai Guard Group. With the strong support of institutions of higher learning in the City of Tianjin and a host of high-tech products developed by them, Tiangao operates as a state-owned multi-business line import and export company trading mainly in high-tech products including the automatic vending machines and air cleaners.

The Novo-Automate developed by Tiangao adopts a new type of double-spring-driven delivery mechanism to make it a guaranteed dispenser that reduces hitches to the minimum. Different models are available to the order of our clients according to their specific requirements for use indoors and outdoors in beautiful and practical designs fully displaying the people-oriented objective of Tiangao.

In developing vending machines, Tiangao has engaged the service of domestic and overseas experts in the trade with a view to keeping abreast with the most up-to-date developments in the manufacture of this type of dispensers to improve the quality of our products. Specific products have already been sold to many high-end clients and clients in various regions. With our advantage in cost-effectiveness, we have won the trust of many clients who are placing orders with us for the development of various self-help products to meet their varied requirements.

Tiangao has dedicated itself in developing and manufacturing a series of cryoplasma products by adopting the cryoplasma technology known in the world as one of the four critical major technologies of environmental science of the 21st century with advanced designs and exquisite processing. The critical technical parameters of these products, including the working voltage, frequency, etc. are all in the fore of domestic and world standards as identified in its patent certificate for utility models.

Tiangao's patented product "Air Cleaner" is capable of decomposing such harmful gases as formaldehyde etc. and is efficient for rapid disinfection and sterilization to perform effective preventive functions against such infectious diseases as influenza, enteritis, etc. , suitable for use in hospitals, homes and various public places. These serial products have on many occasions been awarded gold medals, including Gold Medal at the China New Technology Patented New Products Fair, the Special Gold Medal, Gold Medal at the First Chinese Patented New Technologies Fair, Gold Medal at the 51st Eureka World Inventions Fair; and have been included in the Lists of "Qualified Fine Products through Random Inspection and Monitoring under State Supervision for Promotion in 1999", "Favored Goods by Consumers Nationwide", "March 15th Accredited Enterprises and Products" and "Accredited Products by Consumers of the New Century"These products are sold far and wide to Canada, Japan and the United States of America.
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